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Hillary's Origin Story for Her Email Scandal Analogy Now in Doubt: 'Question of Trust ... Has Dogged Her Throughout the Campaign


"It's obvious what happened here."

Hillary Clinton speaks to the Des Moines Register. Image source: Fox News

During a Sunday interview in Iowa, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton related a story about an analogy an Iowa voter allegedly gave her to explain away the controversy over classified emails found on her private server. Clinton is now coming under fire for appearing to have fabricated the encounter.

Asked about the scandal surrounding her emails — some of which contained information that was reportedly labeled "classified" retroactively — during an interview with Iowa’s WHO-TV, Clinton cited an analogy she said she heard from an Iowa voter:

The best explanation I heard of this I heard yesterday in Des Moines from a man I was shaking hands with. He said, "This is like you drive through the same intersection for four years and the speed limit is 35. Then you move out of town and they change the speed limit to 25. And then they start sending tickets to people who drove, while the speed limit was 35, they drove over 25."

On Fox News’ "The Kelly File" Sunday night, reporter Ed Henry noted that Clinton made the same analogy Jan. 11 during remarks to the Des Moines Register:

You know it’d be like somebody in the Department of Transportation setting speed limits that had cameras where cars were going down a road, and pictures of license plates were being taken and let’s say the speed limit was 35. And then retroactively the police say that speed limit should’ve been 25, so let’s go back and look at anybody who drove down that road and exceeded 25.

"Gives you an idea of one of the reasons why this whole question of trust, being honest has dogged her throughout the campaign," Henry said.

Host Megyn Kelly wondered if any other network would fact-check Clinton’s version of events. “It’s obvious what happened here,” Kelly added.

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