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Hollywood Actor Describes the Biblical Scene in 'Risen' That 'Deeply Affected' Him While Filming: 'Very, Very Powerful



Actor Joseph Fiennes, star of the new movie, "Risen" — a feature film about the aftermath of Jesus' crucifixion — told The Church Boys podcast on Thursday that he was "deeply affected" while filming a scene involving Christ's death.

"When I rode up and saw [Jesus] on the cross, it's a very, very powerful and emotional feeling," Fiennes said. "It went against what my character should be feeling, but somewhere deep inside of me I was deeply affected by that."

The actor portrays Clavius, a fictional Roman military official who does not believe that Christ is the Messiah, and who is tasked with solving the mystery surrounding why Jesus’ body disappeared after the crucifixion.

With that in mind, "Risen" is an “intersection between scripture and historical fiction,” according to Rich Peluso, senior vice-president of Affirm Films, but despite having its fictional elements, the film has been praised by many Christian leaders who are enamored by the story line.

Listen to Fiennes discuss the film below:

"Risen" also personally had an impact on Fiennes as well, as he said that he's been having a "continued conversation" with himself about the meaning of faith since portraying Clavius.

"It's a hugely arresting story," he said. "I hope that other people feel the same way, and there's huge values to take from it."

While Christians will enjoy the biblical themes, Fiennes said that even non-believers can appreciate the elements of "redemption and second changes" that are embedded in the script.

Watch the trailer:

Fiennes said that he's "moved by my heart and gut" when it comes to the roles that he chooses to take.

"I don't sit down and try to orchestrate a career," he said. "I just love responding to material."

You can read more about Fiennes' comments on "Risen" here.

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