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Megyn Kelly Shows John Kasich New Ad in Support of Him Narrated by Tim Allen — See His Surprising Reaction


"How much of an impact do you think that hug had on your campaign?"

A super PAC supporting Republican presidential candidate John Kasich released a new ad Monday and it is narrated by actor Tim Allen. But there's one problem: Kasich doesn't like it.

Last week, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly interviewed Allen, who endorsed the Ohio governor. Monday night, Kelly played the New Day for America ad, which highlighted a now-viral emotional speech and hug from a supporter, for Kasich.

"How much of an impact do you think that hug had on your campaign?" Kelly asked.

Immediately, Kasich issued a response that may surprise many.

"Well my immediate reaction in hearing about that ad is, I don't like it," Kasich said.

Kasich went on to say he felt the moment between him and the support "spoke for itself," adding that he is "not comfortable" with the advertisement.

"Look, I'm not going to yell at my people, I'm not even connected to, to take something off the air, but I'm not comfortable with that," Kasich said. "Look, a woman tonight talked about five suicides in her family. Earlier today, a lady came and talked to me and hugged me and told me about an autistic child, an adult child, and a 16 year old that has a mental illness."

"If I can be able to touch people and have them safe to come and talk about things they care about, that's great," Kasich continued, adding that something about the ad "strikes me wrong."

Katich told Kelly that it was a "precious moment" during the campaign, but said emotional moments have been happening at his campaign events "for six months."

"That sort of longing is why you stay in this race and I'm excited about the future here," Kasich concluded.

Relevant portion starts at around the 4:55 mark:

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