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Did Bush Really Lie About Iraq? Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist's Fact-Checks the Claim.


"Relying on the mistakes of others."

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Judith Miller offered up her take on lingering accusations that President George W. Bush intentionally misled the public in an effort to wage war in Iraq — a claim that Miller flatly dismissed in a Prager University video that was released on Monday.

"President Bush didn't lie us into it," she said. "The false narrative that he did is itself a lie and deserves to be at last retired."

Miller conceded that there were certainly mistakes made surrounding the Iraq war, and said that some of the media's "pre-war, WMD stories were wrong," including some of her own.

That said, she also pushed back against the "enduring pernicious accusation that the Bush administration fabricated WMD intelligence to take the country to war," saying that "relying on the mistakes of others" and "errors of judgement" are not the same as blatantly lying.

"Bad intelligence led to bad policy decisions," Miller concluded.

But she also noted that many of former Iraq president Saddam Hussein's own actions were problematic and helped lead to certain intelligence assumptions, as he had used chemical weapons on his own people and repeatedly invaded his neighbors.

Watch Miller's commentary below:


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