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O.J. Simpson's Ex-Manager Says He Knows 'Who Did It' — and It Wasn't O.J.


“We tried to talk to the police, but they took all my stuff regarding the incidents.”

O.J. Simpson returns to the courtroom after a lunch break during the fifth day of an evidentiary hearing in Clark County District Court on May 17, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Getty Images)

O.J. Simpson’s ex-manager is speaking out in the wake of an investigation into a knife believed to have been recovered on the retired football player’s former estate nearly two decades ago.

Norman Pardo said in a radio interview Tuesday that he knows who killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman — and it wasn’t O.J.

(Getty Images) O.J. Simpson (Getty Images)

“I know who did it, and I knοw why they did it,” Pardo told KNX-AM. “I just can’t disclose it right now.”

When asked why either he or Simpson would neglect disclosing the potentially vindicating information to authorities, Pardo explained, “We tried to talk to the police, but they took all my stuff regarding the incidents.”

“We had people working on it, and when we talked to the police about it, they raided my office and took it all,” he continued.

The 1994 stabbing murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman resurfaced in the news last week after Los Angeles police announced they were testing a knife that was reportedly found by a construction worker during the demolition of Simpson’s house on Rockingham Avenue nearly 20 years ago.

While a few key players in the trial have indicated the knife could prove to be crucial evidence, others are not so hopeful. Mike Weber, the owner of the construction company that demolished Simpson’s former Los Angeles estate where the knife was found called the finding “a joke.”

The murder weapon used in the stabbing deaths of Simpson and Goldman was never recovered by police.

Pardo recently told People Magazine that Simpson was “shrugging it off.”

“Everybody I’ve spoken with says he’s just ignoring it. He’s not talking about it,” Norman said. “When he heard the news on TV, all he did was shake his head, as if to say, ‘Will this ever end?’”

The LAPD has yet to announce the results of the investigation.


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