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Oklahoma Bill Would Make Abortion Providers Guilty of Murder — but the Legislation Is Being Held Up by an Unlikely Group


"It's still being stopped, which is very very frustrating."

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A bill making its way through the Oklahoma legislature would make anyone who performs an abortion guilt of first-degree murder — but the legislation is currently being held up by Democrats and Republicans alike, who say the proposed law goes too far.

"It's still being stopped, which is very very frustrating," state Sen. Joseph Silk (R), who authored the bill told KFOR-TV.

Oklahoma Capitol (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

Silk then took aim at his Republican colleagues who oppose the bill, along with many Democrats and Planned Parenthood.

"Are you really pro-life if you can actually come out and oppose this bill for no reason?" Silk said. "Don't say you're pro-life and you believe life begins at conception if you are willing to allow 6,000 lives being murdered in Oklahoma every year."

The murder provision of the bill was added after it came out of committee, according to KFOR. It is currently being held up by Republican leaders in the state Senate.

"A lot of legislators in Oklahoma don't trust women," state Rep. Emily Virgin, a Democrat, said. "They don't trust women and their doctors to make those very tough decisions."

Silk disagreed.

"Life begins at conception. Human embryos deserve every bit of protection as a 1-year-old child," Silk said.


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