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Cop Spots Van Stuck on Railroad Tracks as Train Is Just Seconds From Impact — Dashcam Catches What Happens Next


Boga was cited for a crossing lights violation.


Richard Boga picked the worst possible moment to get stuck on railroad tracks.

The 47-year-old was driving an AT&T van in Brook Park, Ohio, last week when he apparently got a little impatient. With the crossing gates down and warning lights flashing, Boga drove around a truck and then seemingly attempted to cross the tracks when his van's front wheel become stuck in the rail.

Enter Brook Park police officer Harold Duncan — who caught a glimpse of the motionless van and sped over to help, WKYC-TV reported — and his dashcam, which caught the next several heart-pounding moments.

Boga seemed pretty calm, methodically pulling a few items from the van before impact — but Duncan was apparently a bit more concerned, running to the van and seemingly ordering Boga to clear the area.

Image source: WKYC-TV

It was a wise move.

Image source: WKYC-TV

Seconds later a Norfolk Southern locomotive smashed into the van —

Image source: WKYC-TV

— sending it flying down the tracks before it became dislodged off to the side.

Image source: WKYC-TV

Boga was cited for a crossing lights violation after last Thursday's incident, WKYC reported — though he may have been a tad more upset over about how his bosses would react to their obliterated vehicle.

Here's the clip:

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