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Anderson Cooper to Trump: Sir, You're Acting Like a 5-Year-Old


"But, sir, with all due respect, that's the argument of 5-year-old."

CNN host Anderson Cooper told Republican front-runner Donald Trump that he was behaving like a 5-year-old child when the billionaire the "he started it" argument against Ted Cruz.

"I've got to ask you about this back and forth between you and Senator Cruz about wives," Cooper said. "After saying that you were going to spill the beans about Heidi Cruz, you retweeted an unflattering picture of her next to a picture of your wife."

"I thought it was a nice picture of Heidi," Trump claimed. "I thought it was fine."

"Come on," Cooper said.

"I thought it was fine," Trump insisted. "She's a pretty woman."

That's when this exchange occurred. Here's the transcript from CNN:

COOPER: You're running for president of the United States.

TRUMP: Excuse me, I didn't start it. I didn't start it.

COOPER: But, sir, with all due respect, that's the argument of 5-year-old.

TRUMP: No, it's not.

COOPER: The argument of a 5-year-old is he started it.

TRUMP: You would say that. That's the problem with our country.

COOPER: Every parent knows a kid who says he started it.

TRUMP: That's not a 5-year-old.

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