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Little Girl Who Claims She Met Jesus and Visited Heaven Before Being 'Miraculously Healed' Reveals What She Purportedly Saw: 'There Was No Pain


“Medically spontaneous remission.”

Annabel Beam, the real-life subject of the film "Miracles From Heaven" who claims that she visited heaven during a harrowing accident back in 2011, recently visited TheBlaze's New York City newsroom to reveal details about her purported experience.

As TheBlaze previously reported, Beam, now 13, survived a much-publicized ordeal during which she fell headfirst, 30 feet into the bottom of a hollowed-out tree and was trapped there for hours before being rescued.

Her mother, Christy Beam, who published a book in 2015 that was also called “Miracles From Heaven,” has widely discussed her family’s claims that Annabel experienced a series of purported miracles, including meeting Jesus during the accident as well as experiencing a dramatic healing from a painful, chronic ailment.

"It was very bright and very peaceful and there was no pain — and that's why I wanted to stay," Annabel recently told The Church Boys podcast of her purported heaven experience. "I saw my grandpa's mom who had died recently."

Annabel, who was 9 years old at the time of the accident, also described Jesus' appearance, saying that she spoke with him during the ordeal and instantaneously knew who he was.

"He had brown hair and a beard and he had ... a white [robe] like what they would wear a long time ago," she said. "And then ... a purple sach."

Listen to Annabel and her family members describe the ordeal below:

The Beam family's story has specifically resonated with audiences due to the fact that Annabel once suffered from chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction — a condition that her family claims was miraculously healed after she was rescued from inside of the tree.

Doctors, who were purportedly left with no other explanation for its disappearance, simply said that the little girl was experiencing a “medically spontaneous remission” after her symptoms disappeared; the Beam family, though, believes that it was all God’s handy work.

Annabel, who was typically in so much pain that she many times couldn't leave the house, claims that Jesus told her while inside of the tree that she would be unharmed upon her rescue, but that she didn't quite know what he meant at the time.

"I didn't exactly think I would be healed or anything, because when Jesus said, 'When the firefighters get you out, there will be nothing wrong,' I thought he meant from the fall," she said. "So I didn't think I would be healed. I was just excited I could play."

She continued, discussing her healing, "It was very, very cool ... After it happened, I was very excited, because usually I couldn't do anything except for lay on the couch."

DeVon Franklin, who produced the film “Miracles From Heaven,” which opened nationwide on March 16, said that the real-life story is so compelling that it will leave even the most cynical movie goers “questioning,” specifically citing the purported healing.

“That’s what I love about this story … when you take, for a moment, spiritually off of the table. So, medically … the only thing they can say is ‘spontaneous remission,’” Franklin recent told TheBlaze, going on to speak of non-religious people, specifically. “Even if [they] are saying, ‘I don’t know about the heaven thing’ no one can walk away from this film saying, ‘Oh, I know how that happened.”

Listen to Franklin discuss the film along with Christy Beam — Annebel’s mother — at the 33 minute mark below:

As for what she hopes viewers will learn from the movie and from her story, more specifically, Annabel said, "I hope they learn to keep fighting and that God is real and he is faithful and to never ever give up and to just put one foot in front of another — and to look up because you're missing all the small miracles.

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