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Activist Comes Completely Unglued on Trump Supporters — but Karma Seems to Strike When He Attempts Backflip



An activist came completely unglued as he confronted Donald Trump supporters at the site of a rally in Wisconsin on March 29.

Rebel Pundit/YouTube

In a video published by Rebel Pundit, the long-haired activist screams that he’s “smoking pot” and declares his hatred for “this fascist pr**k.”

“F*** you, you fat b***h!” he then shouted at a woman.

The guy attempted to do a black flip moments later — but failed miserably. Rather than landing the backflip, he seemingly slammed his body onto the pavement in what appeared to be a painful experience.

“I did that on purpose!” he said.

The protester then walked away.

Watch the video below (WARNING: graphic language):


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