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JustFly: US Destinations Occupying Half Of Top Ten International Destinations In 2016


Online travel agency JustFly have unveiled their top destinations to start off 2016, with five US destinations making the list to kick off the year. JustFly reviews their sales figures throughout the year, and took the time to look at their numbers from January 2016 to April of 2016. Here are the top 10 destinations for the first third of the year:

1 - London, UK

2 - New York, USA

3 - Los Angeles, USA

4 - Mexico City, Mexico

5 - Manilla, Philippines

6 - Chicago, USA

7 - Tokyo, Japan

8 - Atlanta, USA

9 - Paris, France

10 - Las Vegas, USA

While holding down five of the top spots, it was not an American city that topped the list. Traditional chart topping city London, UK led the way again in the first third of 2016. Rounding out the top three were New York City and Los Angeles, traditionally two of America’s biggest draws. Other American cities within the top ten included Chicago at six, Atlanta at eight, and Las Vegas at 10.

Some noticeable omissions from the list include Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando. This trio of Florida-based cities tend to find themselves somewhere in the top ten, but also suffer sales cannibalization as a result of having so many landing options in the state. Likewise, there are fewer European destinations on the list than usual, which is most certainly related to the security situation in the European Union.

Some surprising locales on the list include Mexico City, Manilla, and Tokyo. Mexico City is not traditionally the most popular destination in Mexico, with more tourism focused cities like Cancun outpacing Mexico’s largest city. Having a cities like Tokyo and Manilla in the top ten is also a bit of surprise considering that the majority of travellers booking with JustFly are based in North America, meaning many are committing to the intense travel and higher cost of flying to Japan and the Philippines to start off 2016.

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