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Feminist Marie Claire Editor Scolds Conservative for ‘Sexist’ Joke — See Just How Badly Her Shaming Attempt Backfires


But as it turned out, the "woman cards" were stacked against her.

The executive editor of a popular women’s fashion magazine started an Internet war Monday that quickly backfired on her. And it was all in the name of feminism.

It began when Marie Claire editor Lea Goldman tweeted at Stephen Miller after the conservative blogger tweeted out a joke comparing famous pop singer Madonna to a "Game of Thrones" character.

The tweet was a reference to a recent "Game of Thrones" episode in which it was revealed that a beautiful character has maintained her youthful looks by wearing a magical necklace. The second image Miller tweeted is what the character looks like without the necklace.

The joke is that Madonna is almost too beautiful for a 57-year-old woman — there must be a catch!

But Goldman clearly was not amused. She quickly called Miller out for “shaming women.”

But as it turned out, the “woman cards” were stacked against her. After Goldman’s accusation, Miller and his followers shot back with examples they were able to retrieve from Goldman’s own Twitter account in which she blasted other women for their appearances. Just the day before, Goldman joked about the appearance of another female "Game of Thrones" character.

Before this, there was the time she attacked actress Sarah Hyland for showing too much cleavage on the red carpet.

But the thing that really got Goldman in trouble was the one time she apparently took a picture of a random overweight woman and posted the image to Twitter as a joke.

Miller’s followers quickly tore that one apart.

By the time Goldman replied, the Internet had no sympathy left for what many had already deemed her dubious feminism.

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