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Here's What Trump Did When Washington Post Reporters Asked if He Pretended to be His Own Spokesman


"I don’t know what happened.”

Donald Trump grew silent and ended a lengthy interview with The Washington Post Friday when reporters asked about allegations that he used to routinely pose as a publicist named "John Miller."

Here's what happened, according to the Post:

Then, Friday afternoon, Washington Post reporters who were 44 minutes into a phone interview with Trump about his finances asked him a question about Miller: “Did you ever employ someone named John Miller as a spokesperson?”

The phone went silent, then dead. When the reporters called back and reached Trump’s secretary, she said, “I heard you got disconnected. He can’t take the call now. I don’t know what happened.”

James Hohmann, a national political correspondent for the newspaper, also tweeted out an account of what took place.

Earlier in the day, Trump insisted that the voice on an audio tape, which bears a strong resemblance to his own, was not in fact him. That claim stood in contradiction to analysis by a CNN forensic expert and things Trump has said in the past.

Trump national spokesman Katrina Pierson said on CNN in the afternoon that she was "not sure" if the billionaire ever employed a man named "John Miller."

"I don't know who worked for Mr. Trump," she said.

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