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Clinton Jokes About Banning Trump From Running for President: 'It's Worth Looking Into


"I doubt it."

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton jokingly told talk show host Ellen Degeneres Tuesday "it's worth looking into" barring presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump from running for president in the future.

In a Facebook Live video posted Tuesday evening teasing Wednesday's interview with the former secretary of state, Degeneres presented this question from a viewer: "If you win, can you make a bill that would permanently prevent Donald Trump from running in the next election?"

Clinton — and the live-studio audience — quickly broke into laughter and cheering at the inquiry.

"I doubt it," Clinton quipped, "but it's worth looking into."

Following that, Degeneres asked the presidential candidate to share the kindest thing anyone's ever done for her. In response, Clinton said the kindest thing she's ever experienced is her mother raising her.

"I have to say, the kindest thing is my mother raising me," she said. "Loving, and kind, and caring — I'm so grateful to her for everything she did for me."

And, interestingly, though Clinton is a Democrat, as she noted to Degeneres, she said an elephant would be her "spirit animal."

"I really like elephants," she remarked. "I love the way elephants remember, I love the way elephants — the matriarch of, the family, looks out for everybody. I just have such a sense of connection to elephants."

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