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'I'm Being Persecuted in Hollywood': Conservative Actress Says She's Been 'Blacklisted' — and Reveals What Finally Made Her Turn to God


"Jesus walks with me every day."

FILE - In this Dec. 15, 2014 file photo, Stacey Dash attends the "American Sniper" premiere in New York. Dash wrote on her website that BET lies to its viewers and promotes segregation. The dispute stemmed from Dash's "Fox & Friends" interview on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016, when she was asked about the lack of black nominees for Academy Awards.The former "Clueless" star said that people need to make up their minds between segregation and integration, "and if we don't want segregation, then we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the (NAACP) Image Awards, where you're only rewarded if you're black." (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP, File)

Actress Stacey Dash is claiming that she's been "blacklisted" in Hollywood due to her political beliefs, saying that she's been unable to secure acting work due to her vocal conservative ideals.

"My acting opportunities have ceased because of my political beliefs. I’m being persecuted in Hollywood. I’ve been blacklisted. My agents have dropped me," Dash recently told CNSNews. "I haven’t auditioned in over a year because of my beliefs and what I stand for. But I know that this is what God wants me to do."

She continued, "And so with that I will stand and I will do it, because I know that what God wants for me no man will keep from me."

Listen to Dash explain her Hollywood plight below:

Dash also discussed her faith, specifically detailing how she eventually came to the conclusion that she isn't able to pull all the strings and control the outcome of her life; instead, she said that she realized that it is God who is in control of her destiny.

"God tried to teach me lesson after lesson after lesson, and it wasn’t until I finally got beat down to the ground that realized that, you know what? I have to let go," she said, later adding, "I owe it to God to be a woman of faith, a woman that fears the Lord, a woman that loves the Lord and a woman that trusts the Lord."

Dash said that, though she sometimes falls short, she knows "Jesus walks with me every day."

Listen to her make these statements below:

As TheBlaze has reported, Dash, author of the new book, "There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative," has been no stranger to openly discussing her conservative views, oft-times sparking controversy among her more progressive Hollywood peers.

(H/T: CNS News)


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