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‘It’s a Can-spiracy’: Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Alex Jones’ ‘Pickle Can’ Conspiracy Theory


“What does opening pickles even prove?”

Image source: YouTube

After Jimmy Kimmel asked Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to open a jar of pickles to “prove” she was healthy enough to be president, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones insisted that the jar must have been tampered with.

Kimmel responded to Jones’ assertion on his show Thursday evening.

“Thanks for supporting me in my time of need,” Kimmel said. “Because I’ll tell you something, on Monday night, Hillary Clinton was here … and since then, I’ve found myself smack-dab in the middle of an online conspiracy theory.”

In a seven-minute tirade on his internet show regarding the pickle “can,” Jones claimed that since there is no audible “pop” when Clinton opened the jar, someone must have loosened it for her. Jones then imitated Clinton opening the jar.

Kimmel joked that Jones caught him in his “can-spiracy.”

Kimmel said that he asked Clinton to open the jar as a joke in response to claims from her opponents that she is not healthy enough to be president “and all hell broke loose.”

“What does opening pickles even prove?” Kimmel said, joking that the president of the United States will never have to open pickles again.

Kimmel then played for his audience a funny video of what he called "security footage" of the pickles prior to their appearance on the show.

“If you’re ever feeling bad about your job,” Kimmel said. "Just remember there’s a grown man who spent a full seven minutes yelling about me and a pickle jar on television."

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