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Tomi Lahren Uses Past John McCain Criticisms to Take Hillary Clinton to Task

Image source: TheBlaze.com

Before partisan liberals chime in with objections about criticisms over the widespread concern of Hillary Clinton’s health, Tomi Lahren reminded viewers just how critical politicians and political pundits were when Sen. John McCain took on then-Sen. Barack Obama in 2008.

For months, McCain’s age — 72 at the time — brought on an array of suspicions about the stability of his mental health and even some physical conditions stemming from torture he endured as a POW.

“You know it’s bad when even the mainstream media has to report on [Hillary’s health concerns],” Lahren said. “No matter how many fundraisers you go to with the likes of Barbra Streisand or Cher; no matter how many late-night shows she visits, no matter how many apologists she has around her, no matter how many times she tries to pass this off as ‘wacky.’"

“So she’s sick when it’s convenient," Lahren added, referring to the 26 times Clinton was unable to recall policies about dealing with confidential information to FBI officials because of a concussion, "but now we’re supposed to believe she’s healthy as a horse? C’mon!”

Watch Tomi’s three-minute clip:

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