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A Trump supporter left a racist voicemail for a McMullin staffer — so the candidate made it an ad


She said the campaign decided to share her voicemail to highlight the “racism that has been pushed to the surface” by some of Trump’s supporters.

Image source: Facebook/Evan McMullin

In a new political ad, conservative independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin’s campaign transformed a racist, misogynistic voicemail from a supporter of his GOP rival into “a preview of Donald Trump’s America.”

In a voicemail left for McMullin campaign spokeswoman Rina Shah, a caller identified as “Alan” calls her a “frothing, libtard piece of s**t Islamic dog.”

“Vote for the pathological lying criminal you f*****g piece of s**t … and get out of our country,” Alan said. “While you’re at it, go back and get f****d by your dirtbag Islamic terror scum friends. Slut.”

In an interview Wednesday with TheBlaze, Shah said she received the voicemail after her first television interview in her capacity with the McMullin campaign.

Shah said the campaign decided to share her voicemail to highlight the “racism that has been pushed to the surface” by some of Trump’s supporters.

“He was spouting off pure hate,” Shah said, adding that she’s received “hundreds” of similar messages.

“It gives me no pleasure to say hundreds,” Shah said. “I wish I could say it was a handful.”

Shah, who was born in West Virginia, said she doesn’t describe herself as “Indian-American,” but as simply as an American.

Buzzfeed News identified the caller in the ad as Alan Pryce.

Pryce told Buzzfeed that “I stand by every word” of the message.

When Buzzfeed’s McKay Coppins informed Pryce that Shah was actually born in the U.S., he replied, “Really? Well, she’s absolutely a first-gen whatever. Look, I didn’t do a biography on her.”

“Clearly, she’s an anti-American supporter of a pathological lying criminal,” Pryce continued.

“Anyone who supports [Hillary Clinton], either actively or tacitly, is anti-American scum in my mind.”

Pryce called McMullin “the definition of the word ‘cuck,’” and said he doesn’t mind being featured in his campaign’s ad.

“Honestly, I think it’s hysterical,” Pryce said.

Coppins wrote that Pryce said he is supporting Trump for president because he was injured by an immigrant in the country illegally “though he declined to provide personal details that would help verify his story.”

Shah told TheBlaze that Pryce must have “assumed since I’m speaking out against Mr. Trump that I must support the other major party candidate,” when in reality she believes McMullin has “a very real path to the White House.”

Shah cited “historically high unfavorables” for both major party candidates as evidence that Americans are looking for another option.

She also expressed optimism that an alternative third-party debate between McMullin, Libertarian presidential nominee Gov. Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein will take place and show Americans they do have other options.

“We’re here as a campaign… to give Americans a real choice, to vote their conscience, to not have to vote against somebody,” Shah said.

McMullin launched his candidacy last month in an effort to present conservatives dissatisfied with Trump’s candidacy an alternative.

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