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Glenn Beck: I've considered voting for Hillary Clinton


"They're both bad."

Vice News/YouTube

Could this election get any more topsy turvy?

In an interview with Vice News Monday night, conservative radio host Glenn Beck — who was an enthusiastic supporter of Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz during the GOP primary — shared a surprising tidbit: He's entertained the idea of voting for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

"I will tell you," Beck admitted, "that it has crossed my mind ... to vote for Hillary."

The well-known media personality said the thought of voting for Clinton is one he has considered only because Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump "is so unstable, so dangerous." However, Beck ultimately said he can't pull the lever for Clinton, either.

"I can't do it, because she's just — she's just a horse of a different color," he told the Vice host. "[T]hey're both bad. I think under Hillary Clinton, the nation — most likely — can become just run by oligarchs. I think under Donald Trump, he's so unstable, I wouldn't put anything past him. I don't know what our party looks like."

So who is Beck voting for in November? Darrell Castle, an attorney from Memphis, Tennessee, and the Constitution Party's presidential nominee.

Throughout the entire election process, Beck has remained steadfastly opposed to Trump — a move that has earned him both praise and scorn in equal measure. In fact, when Cruz endorsed the billionaire businessman last month, Beck described it as "profoundly sad."

"For the very first time, I heard Ted Cruz calculate. And when that happened, the whole thing fell apart for me," Beck said at the time. "It’s my fault for believing men can actually be George Washington."

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