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Dana Loesch: Is there media bias? Does a bear deuce in its gender-preferred bathroom in the woods?

Dana Loesch speaks on her television program October 20, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

TheBlaze's Dana Loesch, host of Dana, recently talked tough about the array of accusations being leveled against Trump in the last stretch of the presidential election, calling it an obvious organized effort during a time WikiLeaks is spilling Hillary Clinton secrets.

"Three stories drop in a six-hour period," Loesch says. "Seven accusers. Of course it is organized. Does a bear deuce in its gender-preferred bathroom in the woods? The only thing I actually find shocking about this is that people are shocked, just now, that the media is reporting this, and that there is this massive media bias taking place here. What?"

Queue the close-up, dramatic Alfred Hitchcock dolly zoom on her guests, complete with melodramatic music crescendo:



“Not media bias?" guest Lawrence Jones says sarcastically.

“Yes,” Loesch says, “media bias. Apparently it exists."

"Who in the world did these people think they were running against?" she continued. "I mean [do you think] just because Hillary Clinton is some old lady who fell over in the street and lost a shoe like a drunk sorority girl walking home from a bender, that she would be easy to beat? Did I not tell you people, this is Hillary Clinton? She doesn’t need air to breathe; she subsists off of evil. If [Niccolò] Machiavelli could speak from beyond the grave, he would say, ‘Stop saying “Machiavellian” and just say “Clinton-esque."'"

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