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Budweiser Pulls Ads Featuring Amy Schumer After Sinking Sales

YouTube/Bud Light

Popular beer company Budweiser pulled its ads featuring comedian Amy Schumer and actor Seth Rogen after the Bud Light commercials they were featured in seemed to hurt sales more than help.

According to AdWeek, Budweiser came in under expected profits in their third quarter, prompting the company to pull the Schumer ads ahead of schedule. The ads themselves were not at all doing well, and the last one received such negative attention on YouTube that it currently has more than 1,900 "thumbs down," compared to only 300 "thumbs up."

Fox News reported that, at one time, the YouTube video had comments disabled, but that has since been changed. Many comments are negative toward Schumer herself, who has recently been in traveling around promoting feminist ideals and social justice causes.

Schumer and Rogen's recent commercial was titled "Labels," and promoted the idea that there are more than two genders. This is a narrative often seen by the extreme wings of the LGBT community, and likely contributed to a lot of the negativity now surrounding the beer brand.

"From the start of our campaign at Super Bowl, the Bud Light Party has rallied around bringing people together," said Alex Lambrecht, vice president of Bud Light. "In our newest spot, Seth and Amy remind Americans that labels belong on beer, not people—a message Bud Light proudly supports."

Schumer's attitude on politics has alienated many people over the past few years, however. Many would say that the comedian's negative views on men, and hypocritical outrage, is often in complete contrast with inclusivity. This could have further attributed to the decline in Bud Light's sales, as having a wildly unpopular figure represent your product will devalue it to the public.

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