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Number-crunching politician with humorous ad talks with Dana Loesch about the viral magic

Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty and his wife, Charlyn, in a political ad, 2016. (YouTube)

Fast-talking, fact-spewing Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty and his wife, Charlyn, sat down with TheBlaze’s Dana Loesch to discuss how his recent political ad went viral and caught the attention — and heart — of so many Americans, especially in contrast to such a negative election season.

Gerald Daugherty, who is portrayed as nearly annoying in his passion — nay, his obsession — for number crunching solutions to problems the county is facing (even using food on his dinner plate to illustrate a civic scenario, is being hailed for his vulnerability.

"What appears to be risky in this ad – to portray a candidate in any way negatively, in this case as annoying – is actually not risky at all," said Will Burns, CEO of IDeasicle, in a recent Forbes column. "It’s not like any Texans will ever meet this man and be subjected to his constant statistical rants.

"But those same annoying statistical rants, in a voter’s mind, become this candidate’s greatest weapon," he wrote. "Voters want someone who has command of the stats, are informed, and who want to fix things."

Loesch, a host who knows all too well the kind of work and effort that goes into a video production, said she seemed impressed he was basically ad libbing lines so naturally.

“It didn’t sound like these were rehearsed lines…” she said after watching the ad, which video was only expected to reach around 40,000 views. It's been viewed by several million.

“Yeah, there was no script there," Gerald Daugherty said. "As a matter of fact, Chad, the guy that did the thing for me said,’Daugherty, I mean, we’re just going to let you go, because we know how you are, so just start talking all the things you talk about.’”

In case you missed the ad:

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