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Steve Bannon will return to Breitbart after the election

Stephen K. Bannon responds to a caller while hosting "Brietbart News Daily" on SiriusXM on July 21. (Getty Images/Ben Jackson)

Donald Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon will return to Breitbart following next week's election, he said Wednesday.

In August, Bannon left the right-wing Breitbart -- known for its extremely pro-Trump coverage -- to help the Republican presidential nominee's campaign. But Bannon confirmed in an interview with the "Breitbart News Daily Radio Show" on SiriusXM that his "term of duty here" at the Trump campaign concludes Nov. 8.

"I look forward to getting back and being a part of this," Bannon said.

During the interview with host Alex Marlow, Bannon said that establishment Republicans "don't realize how deep this movement is and how powerful it is." He continued:

The best thing about going over and working with Mr. Trump and on the campaign is actually getting out to the rallies every day, and seeing it now for the last 90 days, you really see that the passion of the people -- whether it’s in Maine or Arizona or Nevada or last night in Wisconsin or today in Florida -- you really see how engaged people are in this entire process.

Marlow agreed and added that Trump's rallies are indicative that his supporters are "engaged with the issues in a way that the mainstream media does not want, most of the establishment conservative press does not want."

"I think that is very heartening," Marlow contended.

Marlow's interview with Bannon got off to an awkward start when the host touted the show as the first interview Bannon did since he took his role with the Trump campaign. Bannon quickly corrected him, saying, "This is officially not an interview," but instead said he was just joining the radio program on its first anniversary.

Bannon, the founder of "Breitbart News Daily," said his inspiration for the show came from the "comment section" of Breitbart. He also contended, referring to Breitbart.com, "on the site itself, we don't try to have a lot of opinion pieces."

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