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Psychic Scottish goat predicts the winner of the presidential election

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Throughout the years, a number of political prognosticators have made names for themselves as election forecasters: Michael Barone, Charlie Cook, and Larry Sabato in years past, and more recently, Nate Silver and Harry Enten have come into their own navigating the difficult waters of predicting elections in a deeply divided nation.

Still, maybe neither the stuffed legacy shirts like Cook and Sabato nor the new data nerds like Silver or Enten are your cup of tea. Maybe what you need in your life is a psychic goat who predicts political elections. If so, Scotland has you covered. Meet Boots, the psychic goat:

Enter Boots, the fortune-telling billy goat from Jedburgh. The psychic billy has predicted that Hillary Clinton will be the person in the top job after the dust settles.

Trainer Sue Zacharias, 49, taught the three-year-old pedigree Golden Guernsey to predict the future of guests at their animal stunt shows.

Boots, who lives on a farm near Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, correctly foresaw the result of the Brexit vote in June.

And the goat has now predicted that Hillary Clinton will finish ahead of Donald Trump in the US presidential race.

According to STV in Scotland, Boots the goat was rejected by his mother after birth and has been cared for since then by trainer Sue Zacharias, who produces animal stunt shows. Until recently, Boots focused his energies on sheepdog-style stunts but has turned his attention to the political arena. Boots predicts a winner when Zacharias places two pieces of paper in front of him and seeing which one Boots will pick. After being presented with pieces of paper that read "TRUMP" and "CLINTON" on them, Boots selected Clinton.

According to Zacharias, "He works alongside 14 horses, four dogs and 16 members of staff to perform at outdoor events all over the UK."

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