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BREAKING: Corey Lewandowski has resigned from CNN following Trump's victory


Friday afternoon, former campaign manager to President-elect Donald Trump, Corey Lewandowski, resigned from his position as commentator at CNN. This has been confirmed by Brian Stelter in an article on CNN Money.

The resignation went into effect immediately, and while it is currently unclear whether or not Lewandowski will return as a staffer to Trump, he was reported to have been seen walking into Trump Tower Friday morning.

It should be noted that on the list of those being considered for the position of Trump's chief of staff, Lewandowski is rumored to be one of three. Doubt has been cast on this due to the fact that he was fired as Trump's campaign manager in June, and the fact that he has conflicts with Trump's children.

Aside from Lewandowski, also being considered for the position is both the GOP chairman Reince Preibus, and Breitbart CEO turned Trump campaign CEO Stephen Bannon.

It should also be noted that during Lewandowski's stint at CNN, he was still under the Trump campaign's employ, and has never truly stopped working for Trump this entire time.

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