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Scott Baio and Steven Baldwin slam Hollywood's overreaction to Trump's victory


Stars Scott Baio and Steven Baldwin have been having a great time since President-elect Donald Trump won his election against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Baio himself has been poking fun at leftists like Lena Dunham, and encouraging them to keep their word about moving to Canada. He even lobbed some words at MSNBC, calling their "literal crying" the "best television."

During a recent interview on Fox News with Judge Jeanine, Baio was joined by Baldwin to discuss the reaction seen by the Hollywood elite and their fans to Trump's victory. Asked if Trump supporters would start coming out in Hollywood now that Trump has won, Baio could only comment on the reaction he was seeing in his neck of the woods.

"I think right now with all this anger, which is just so unbelievable to me," said Baio. "I mean eight years ago I wasn't crying, and looking for a dog to hold. I wasn't looking for somebody with a pin on their shoulder that was a safety person. I sucked it up. We lost. Personally, if I don't ever work again — and I told you this before judge — and Donald Trump is now President-elect Donald Trump...I'm good."

"Yes and no," answered Baldwin to the same question. "I think a lot of Hollywood folks who voted for Trump inevitably will start coming out of the closet so to speak, and Scott and I agree on one thing. We're two actors — been in the business 30 years — and our biggest driver in support for Mr. Trump has been the economy."

"Just like Reagan, when everyone was afraid of Reagan, it was the exact same rhetoric," added Baio. "When the economy turns around, and when the country gets strong again, that's when you're going to see all these people come out of the woodwork in Hollywood for Trump."

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