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Neil deGrasse Tyson says he's going to grab Trump by the crotch when he meets him


Earlier Friday, host of rebooted television show "Cosmos," and celebrity scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson took to Twitter to tell his followers that when he first meets President-elect Donald Trump, he's going to Trump via 2005 it.


This, of course, is referring to the 2005 leaked tape of Trump stating his fame allows him to grab women "by the p**sy." It was an event that landed Trump in some very hot water, not just with the media, but the Republicans as well. As we can see, however, it didn't sink him.

Tyson himself was seen on The Late Show with Steven Colbert the day after Trump was elected, speaking to his own plan about what to make America again.

“Let me just say, I think we have a four-year mission now. I think what we need to do, let us together, make America smart again," said Tyson.

May Tyson's venture to transmit intelligence through his new greeting style do just that.

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