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There's a new Starbucks cup controversy — and it's called #TrumpCup

Image source: Starbucks

Donald Trump supporters across the country are asking their Starbucks baristas to write "Trump" on their coffee cups after a customer in Florida says he was refused service because he supports the soon-to-be 45th president.

David Sanguesa, 53, told the Miami Herald that he was at a Starbucks location in Coral Gables when he felt he didn't receive his order fast enough because he is white. That's when Sanguesa started yelling at the black barista, calling her "trash" and "garbage."

Cellphone video of the incident quickly went viral.

On Friday, one man launched "Operation #TrumpCup" on Twitter, in which he encouraged Trump supporters to go to their local Starbucks, tell the barista their name is "Trump" and to "take video" if the barista refuses.

Other Twitter users followed the man's lead.

But as others on Twitter pointed out, Trump supporters' protests of the coffee chain doesn't entirely make sense.

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