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Watch: 'SNL' skit roasts the mainstream media and their election bias against Donald Trump

"Saturday Night Live" skit of the media. (Image source: Hulu)

The cast of "Saturday Night Live" roasted political pundits in the mainstream media and their reaction to news surrounding President-elect Donald Trump in a skit Saturday night.

The skit was of CNN host Anderson Cooper and a panel of political pundits, who, despite being a little different ideologically from one another, offered the same responses to each breaking news report from Cooper, who was portrayed by Alex Moffat.

Kayleigh McEnany, Van Jones, Gloria Borger, David Axelrod and Dana Bash were all portrayed in the skit.

But after five cycles of the same answers to different stories, the personalities froze — causing a stage crew, which were dressed as maintenance men from the hit HBO show "Westworld," to replace the host.

They replaced Cooper with CNN host Jake Tapper, who began to read off more breaking news reports. And of course, the pundits again began to recite their typical responses.

Watch the skit below:

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