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The 'Hamilton' cast had a much different reaction when Hillary Clinton came to visit


One of the most controversial stories making its way through the news is that the cast of the Broadway hit "Hamilton" gathered on stage and addressed Vice President-elect Mike Pence about how his, and President-elect Trump's future in the oval office worried them. The cast presented themselves as a diverse group of actors, and hoped that the play inspired Pence to protect "our American values, and work on behalf of all of us." While some took it as an olive branch, many saw it as nothing more than moral grandstanding, and an underhanded slap in the face.

But recently, a very interesting discrepancy surfaced in how the Republican was treated versus how one famous Democrat was received when she came to visit the show.

The creator of "Hamilton" Lin-Manuel Miranda, apparently threw a fundraiser in October filled to the brim with A-list celebrity attendees, including Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, and more, all for then Democratic candidate for President Hillary Clinton. It was promised that there would be "never before seen duets and collaborations to support Hillary."

When Hillary arrived, the reception was several degrees above "warm."

Some of the cast were in tears as Hillary came over to give hugs and exchange pleasantries.

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As you can see, the entire feeling around Clinton is starkly more open and receptive. This sheds some light on the treatment of Pence, and their views toward him. Given their obvious bias toward his opponent, it's no small wonder that Pence would be called out in the manner that he was.

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