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Watch: John Cena and 'SNL' mock Donald Trump, showing a self-absorbed Trump 'through Donald's eyes

John Cena playing President-elect Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live." (Image source: NBC)

Wrestling star John Cena took to the "Saturday Night Live" stage over the weekend to play President-elect Donald Trump in a skit that portrayed what a typical day "through the eyes of Donald" looks like.

During the entire skit, the camera angle is depicted as if it's from Trump's point-of-view.

Cena, playing Trump, began his day by watching some "Fox and Friends" in the morning — of course — which is a show that Trump regularly calls into. He then sipped his coffee and read the newspaper, which was titled "The Failing New York Times," playing into Trump's regular criticism of the publication.

After admiring himself and his "large" hands in the mirror, Trump goes into his office where he is met with advisers eager to give him his intelligence briefing. The rest of the skit shows a carousel of what his life is like in the office, meeting with wife Melania, Vice President-elect Mike Pence, an eager fan, and of course, his right-hand-woman, Kellyanne Conway.

"Kellyanne will fix it. Mommy lives for you," Conway, who is portrayed by Kate McKinnon, says in the skit as Trump drifts off into a nap. "Sleep and dream your favorite dream."

The skit ends as Trump dreams of dancing with his favorite person: himself.

Watch the full skit below:

Cena was in for the actor who regularly plays Trump on "Saturday Night Live" — Alec Baldwin. And ironically, Trump didn't take to Twitter Sunday to complain about "SNL," something he has done many times over Baldwin's performances.

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