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GOP senator throws down with Obamacare architect: Voters 'sick' of liberals telling them how to live

Louisiana Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy, right, debates Jonathan Gruber, left, on Fox News. (Image source: Fox News)

Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy (R), a career physician, confronted MIT economics professor Johnathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare, during a segment on Fox News Tuesday evening over the ailing health care law and why voters continually reject liberal policies.

A very contentious Gruber argued that Obamacare is, in fact, working, despite health care premiums continuing to skyrocket. Gruber also said that the health care law was successful with regard to ensuring that more Americans have access to affordable health care.

Cassidy disagreed, however, and flatly told Gruber that Americans are "sick" of D.C. insiders and politicians enacting progressive policies and telling people how to live their lives, citing the fact that Americans continually vote against President Barack Obama and Democrats' liberal policies.

In fact, under Obama's leadership, Democrats have lost 1,030 seats over the last four election years between state legislatures, governorships and Congress.

Instead of legislating how people should live, Cassidy suggested that Republicans repeal Obamacare under President-elect Donald Trump's leadership and replace it with marketplace solutions. That way, Cassidy said, skyrocketing health care costs could be lessened due to marketplace competition.

For example, the Louisiana senator said that in fields like plastic surgery and lasik surgery, marketplace competition has driven down costs and driven up customer service.

Still, Gruber was having none of it, dismissing Cassidy's "garbage salad of empty talking points."

He went on to reiterate that he believes the law is working and that the government should impose a stiffer penalty for those without health insurance — called the "individual mandate" — so that the healthy can pay for those who are sick and needing care.

"We have a law that is working; they want to take it away without an alternative," Gruber added, continuing to dismiss the ideas offered by Cassidy.

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