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Seth Meyers grills Kellyanne Conway on 'Late Night' in combative interview
Kellyanne Conway on "Late Night with Seth Meyers." Image Source: YouTube.

Seth Meyers grills Kellyanne Conway on 'Late Night' in combative interview

In an wide-ranging interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the grinning television host traded barbs with President-elect Donald Trump's special advisor Kellyanne Conway and attempted to pin her down on many questions about the unorthodox Trump transition.

Meyers was fortunate enough to have Conway scheduled right as a controversial report was published by CNN detailing intelligence the Russians had allegedly dug up about the president-elect. Conway attempted to undermine the report by pointing out that the sources are anonymous, and claiming this information had not been presented to President Obama or to Trump, which Meyers disputes.

Kellyanne countered, saying "he has said that he is not aware of that," to which Meyers joked, "OK, that concerns me!"

Conway then steered away from Trump's disinterest in alleged Russian hacking and election interference by saying that Hillary lost the election without any foreign assistance. Meyers responded by asking, "shouldn't we care if the Russians tried to interfere, whether it affected the outcome of the election or not? Isn't that something that - I sometimes fear that the president-elect has no curiosity as to the amount that they tried."

Meyers peppered her with tough questions about the lack of background checks of Trump's administration nominees, the lack of full press conferences from the president-elect, and the disruptive nature of Trump's Twitter. They have a funny exchange about her comment that the media listens to the words from his mouth and not his heart, with Meyers mocking, "how can we know what's in his heart? He expresses it how? Out of his moooouth!"

At one point the audience laughs at Conway quoting Trump's post-election comments, and she testily complains about the lack of respect from the audience and Meyers for the office of the president.

You have such disrespect, I guess I'm just astonished. I'm almost fifty years old and and I'm so astonished to hear people outwardly ridicule the office of the president and its current occupant. I was raised differently, no matter who it is.

I know the media and their pollsters who were crap didn't prepare you for the election results, but all you had to do was listen to us. The cues and clues were there. Every day I was on TV saying 'this is how we're going to win.'

Here's the interview courtesy of the "Late Night" YouTube channel:

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