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America is inspired to hilariously #RenameMillionWomenMarch thanks to TheBlaze's Doc Thompson

A protester holds a large sign that reads "Feminist" signs during a protest against the election of President-elect Donald Trump, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, in downtown Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

The Million Women March - now renamed to just the "Women's March" due to a less than anticipated attendance was something that was just asking to be made fun of. Between knitting vagina hats to wear during the march, kicking out pro-life women groups, and yet another video where the same thing is repeated relentlessly...

...the Women's March was a prime target for ridicule. So of course TheBlaze's Doc Thompson was all over it like a vagina hat on a third-wave feminist.

Urging people to give the Women's March a different name using the hashtag #RenameMillionWomenMarch on Twitter, people began to submit their ideas that actually describe the march far more accurately than the people who planned it.

In fact, the hashtag became so popular it trended 5th in the U.S. on Twitter. It's safe to say that many people really don't like this march.

Of course, the hashtag brought up all the cliche responses you would expect from leftist, social justice outlets. For instance Glamour wrote that the hashtags very existence is the reason there needs to be a women's march.

In the article, Chelsea Stone wrote "according to the march's viral Facebook event page, hundreds of thousands of women are expected to turn out for the event, which as the name suggests, is meant to be an inclusive protest for anyone in support of women's rights."

She even showed off a tweet that asked why people are casting shade on something that is, as she put it, "inclusive."

However, as mentioned above, this march is far from inclusive. Pro-life groups are not allowed, and were even denounced by some of the feminist movement's top cheerleaders, such as Jessica Valenti, who say that these women are in league with people who "seek to harm us."

It's this kind of sensationalism, and un-inclusiveness that people find so ridiculous about feminist events like the Women's March, and thus makes them worthy of receiving names that base this march in reality. Something that calls itself a "women's march," and speaks in generalized terms about who they represent are putting on the illusion - and perhaps suffering from the delusion - that they represent women as a whole.

This march is clearly neither representing women, nor is it inclusive. If its feminist supporters are wondering why this march is being put through the social ringer, it's in no small part because of those very reasons.

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