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Watch: Man attempts to rob cashier with a knife, until concealed carrier changes his mind

AP Photo/Al Behrman, File

Don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

That's the lesson one robber has recently learned the hard way. Footage of an attempted robbery has surfaced at a store where a man checking out groceries at a store decided it would be wise to pull a large chef's knife.

Discretely pushing the point against the back of the cashier, he — presumably — tells the woman to empty the cash drawer and she complies, beginning to hand over the bills. What the robber didn't anticipate is that the man behind him was more than prepared for situations like this.

A stranger in a white shirt draws a pistol and points it straight at the knife wielding thief, and after some words, the robber removes the knife from the cashier's back, holds it into the air, and drops the cash in his hand back into the register.

More and more stories are coming out of good people with guns stopping bad guys in their tracks. For instance, one gun store owner prevented a robbery in his store by drawing and firing on two foolish armed crooks, killing one of them. There was also another recent example of a good samaritan who saved a deputies life when he drew his sidearm as a man was attempting to beat the deputy to death.

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