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TheBlaze's Lawrence Jones: The Congressional Black Caucus doesn't deserve a meeting with Trump

Lawrence Jones III (TheBlaze)

TheBlaze's contributing host Lawrence Jones appeared on Fox Business Friday to discuss President Donald Trump's tense interaction with reporter April Ryan during Trump's press conference Thursday, when Trump insisted Ryan should set up a meeting for Trump with the Congressional Black Caucus. Ryan is a reporter for American Urban Radio Network and is not a member of Congress.

Speaking to Fox Business host Charles Payne, Jones said the Congressional Black Caucus doesn't even deserve a meeting with Trump. "I don't think the CBC deserves a meeting," Jones said. "Many of them represent our communities, and my people are hurting. They don't do anything with the power that they have so why should they get a meeting?"

Jones went on to clarify that he believes there are members of the black community who deserve a meeting with Trump, but that the CBC represents unethical greed. "I think the business leaders, the people that are fighting for school choice should get a meeting. But these people that fill their pockets, that often have ethics violations, don't deserve a meeting because they do nothing to benefit my community," Jones continued.

And it wasn't just Trump that Jones hammered. Hitting on the CBC's criticism of Trump's trickle down economics plan, Jones sharply criticized President Obama, who had the support of the CBC, for not improving conditions of the black community.

"So what did Obama do? Double the national average in unemployment? Young people struggling to get jobs," Jones said. "Common core that hurts our community - what did Obama do from an economic standpoint to benefit the black community? Zero."

Jones concluded, "President Obama sent a message to the black community saying he would take it as a personal insult if we did n0t show up for Hillary Clinton. And we did not."


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