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Jorge Ramos says Trump should use his 'big heart' to legalize 11 million illegal immigrants

Jorge Ramos says Trump should use his 'big heart' to legalize 11 million illegal immigrants

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos used the recent occasion of President Trump saying that "DREAMers" should be treated with a "heart" to advocate that all 11 million illegal aliens should be legalized while the president has both chambers of Congress under his party's control. He made the comments on CNN with Anderson Cooper Thursday.

"In the shadow of the expansion of immigration enforcement," Cooper asked, "the Trump administration, they're leaving in place the protections they say were put in place for 'DREAMers' and documented parents of U.S. citizens. What do you make of that decision? Does that, do you think that is permanent? Does that calm some fears?"

"I hope so," Ramos answered.

I've been listening to Donald Trump for a year and a half and he's been saying that he has a "big heart." I hope that he shows that big heart with the DREAMers, we're talking about 750,000 DREAMers. He hasn't done anything against them right now. But he can do much better. He can legalize them if he really wants to.

And just go beyond that. Right now President Trump has control of both chambers of Congress. He could have legalization of 11 million with one signature. And he simply doesn't want to do that. So I think we have to be very clear that there are two completely different options. They can go with enforcement and scare the population and make sure everyone is leaving, as they are doing right now.

"Or go the civilized way," he advised, "follow the U.S. tradition, and legalize the 11 million as they have done with me and many others in the past."

Ramos has been an outspoken critic of the Trump administration, saying that the border wall won't work and is a waste of time. He and Fox News' hosts have had a number of epic debates, but none compared to his berating of then-candidate Trump at a press conference, which led to his being kicked out unceremoniously.

Ramos has been so vociferous in his near-advocacy of regularization of illegal aliens that many have accused him of betraying journalism and veering into political activism.

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Carlos Garcia

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