Hollywood can't decide: Is President Trump making them fat or skinny?

Singer Barbra Streisand has blamed President Donald Trump for her weight gain. The 74-year-old shared the news on Twitter. (Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images)

Liberal Hollywood icon Barbra Streisand is apparently gaining weight and has blamed Donald Trump for her "extra baggage." In fact, Streisand went public with the news on Twitter.

Donald Trump is making me gain weight. I start the day with liquids, but after the morning news, I eat pancakes smothered in maple syrup!

— Barbra Streisand (@BarbraStreisand) March 5, 2017

The 74-year-old Streisand has been quite vocal about her lack of appreciation for the new president. This may be the first time a Hillary Clinton supporter has blamed weight gain on Trump's win.

Of course, Twitter responded both positively and negatively.

@BarbraStreisand girl, don't allow this chump to take u down like that. Remember, you're the #GOAT

— Lisa Nelson-Haynes (@momsamango) March 5, 2017

@BarbraStreisand Pass the syrup and can you also pass the coffee? Thanks, Babs! :-D

— Geocosmic Valentine (@GeoValentine) March 5, 2017

@BarbraStreisand just go for a nice relaxing swim. pic.twitter.com/ljPMJV5h5C

— Esther TheWonder Pig (@EstherThePig) March 5, 2017

@BarbraStreisand I thought you were leaving the U S A like you promised if Trump won. Maybe leaving the USA will make you slimmer.

— carl s (@mikezzz111) March 5, 2017

Curiously, it was just a month ago, another big name in Hollywood claimed Trump's election had the opposite effect on her weight. Actress Lena Dunham, also a major Clinton supporter, told Howard Stern that the election of Trump had her so depressed she could not eat.

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