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Muslim airline tweet reveals new Trump admin restrictions on flights to U.S.

New restrictions were placed on electronics in cabins of air flights bound for the U.S. by the Trump administration. Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

The Trump administration is apparently adding new restrictions on flights to the U.S. from certain Muslim and African countries, and a Jordanian airline's tweet revealed it to the world Monday.

"U.S. officials have apparently banned electronic devices," reported CNN's Jake Tapper, "from the cabins of some Middle Eastern and African airline flights bound for the United States. About a dozen airlines that fly non-stop from certain countries must now require passengers to check in almost all electronics according to a U.S. official."

"So, we know at this point that the Trump administration is getting ready," Rene Marsh reported, "they are in the process of announcing some new security restrictions. Specifically though, for passengers flying on direct flights to the United States from very specific countries, due to, I'm told, a security threat."

"Almost all electronic devices will be banned from the cabins," she continued, "as you mentioned Jake, on flights that are coming from these overseas airports. We're talking about airports in countries in the Middle East, as well as in Africa. Passengers will actually have to put their electronics in checked luggage. They will not be able to carry it onboard the cabin - anything larger than a cell phone would not be allowed."

"So no iPad," Tapper asked, "no laptop, nothing?"

"Absolutely, nothing," Marsh clarified, "We did reach out to the Department of Homeland Security, officially on the record they're saying they have no comment on potential security threats, but we are getting this information directly from a U.S. official as well as one of the airlines impacted by this. Royal Jordanian Airlines, they are based in Amman, Jordan, and they tweeted out that starting tomorrow, you will not be allowed to have those electronic devices on the cabin if you're going directly to the United States."

Tapper explained that it was the tweet from the Royal Jordanian Airlines that let the cat out of the bag about the new restrictions.

More from CNN:

The U.S. official said this will impact over a dozen airlines flying into the US. Another U.S. administration official says this covers devices larger than a cellphone.

An aviation official told CNN that there is a security concern regarding passengers boarding non-stop flights to the U.S. from specific countries. This relates to the "screening in [some] countries" for nonstop flights to the U.S.

They added that they believe a threat to the U.S. would be negated if a passenger transferred through a secondary city with additional and more trustworthy screening procedures. The directive is to ensure enhanced security measures at select airports for a limited duration.

The airlines posted a tweet but deleted it later:

President Trump's travel ban on terror-stricken countries is still being litigated in the courts with several states contesting the rewritten version the Trump administration attempted to implement. Trump bashed the judge and the ruling, saying that it would make America weak.

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