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Cosmo magazine tries to give constitutional lesson, gets ripped for 'embarrassing' article

Cosmo magazine gets ripped for an article — titled: "9 Reasons Constitutional Originalism is Bullsh*t." — about constitutional law. (Steven Depolo/Flickr)

Cosmopolitan magazine, which is known for its relationship and sex advice articles, sparked a bit of controversy online  Tuesday when they published an article slamming constitutional originalism.

The article was published amid the  Senate confirmation hearing of Judge Neil Gorsuch, who is President Donald Trump's nominee to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. The article was titled: "9 Reasons Constitutional Originalism is Bullsh*t."


The article said that judges who interpret the Constitution in an originalist fashion — in other words, in a manner that considers what the authors of the Constitution meant at the time they wrote it to be authoritative — are radical, racist and just completely wrong because "not even the founders were originalists."

"Instead, [originalism is just a] rational-sounding cover for a more insidious set of right-wing beliefs, a way to allow rampant discrimination against actual people while protecting the interests of corporate 'persons' and promoting the extreme ideologies of lobby groups," the article said.

Meanwhile, the article almost completely undermines itself at the end when it declares: "Of course the Constitution should be interpreted as it’s written."

Needless to say, Twitter had a field day with the article. Here are some of the best tweets:

The article was also widely trashed for originally claiming that at the time the Constitution was written — the late 18th century — handguns didn't exist. But they did:

The article was later updated to say that modern semi-automatic handguns weren't yet invented in the late 18th century.

(Featured image via Steven Depolo/Flickr used under the creative commons license.)

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