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Secretary of Energy Rick Perry opens up about the media's bias against Trump

President Donald Trump's low approval ratings doesn't bother Energy Secretary Rick Perry. "I've seen low approval ratings while I was the governor as well," Perry said. (Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry spoke with Fox News host Neil Cavuto about President Donald Trump's first 100 days in office, including his approval numbers, which are exceptionally low when compared to the previous three presidents.

Perry, who served as governor of Texas for 15 years and is no stranger to low approval ratings, told Cavuto he wasn't concerned about Trump's approval numbers.

"This was easy for me. Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton," Perry said.

"Are you troubled by some of these polls that showed the president's approval rating is still low," Cavuto asked Perry.

"No," responded Perry. "I've seen low approval ratings while I was the governor as well."

Cavuto then asked Perry if he felt the mainstream media treats Trump fairly.

"Do you think the media is fair to the president?" Cavuto asked.

Perry responded in candid fashion.

"Not particularly, but we know that going into that the media is not going to be relatively fair," he told Cavuto.

Cavuto brought up a hot button term for the Trump administration, asking if Perry believes "fake news" plays into Trump's low approval ratings.

"He calls that 'fake news,' do you?" he asked Perry.

"There's probably some of it that fits into that category," Perry acknowledged before Cavuto pressed further.

"Who's the worst in your opinion?" Cavuto asked, putting Perry on the spot.

Learning from previous experience, Perry artfully sidestepped the question.

"Oh man," Perry laughed. "Don't get me into that alphabet soup of trouble."

Trump's ratings just before his first 100 days in office came in at just 40 percent, according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. The three previous presidents before him came in around 50 percent at the same time in their presidency.

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