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Sean Hannity says it's the 'total end' of Fox News if this report is true

Sean Hannity said it would be the end of Fox News if reports from New York Magazine were true that they were looking into big changes in the management team of the network. (Image Source: YouTube screen cap)

Fox News host and talk radio star Sean Hannity appeared alarmed at a report from the New York Magazine that Fox News was heading toward a management "shakeup" at the network after the accusations that took down Bill O'Reilly. Hannity said it would be the "total end" of Fox News if the report was true.

"I pray this is NOT true because if it is, that's the total end of the FNC as we know it," he tweeted. "Done."

The scoop from Gabriel Sherman seemed to indicate that Fox News was close to firing the network's co-president, Bill Shine. According to the report, Shine had asked the CEO and c0-chairman of the parent network company to make a public show of support for the co-president, but they refused.

Fox News' CEO is James Murdock, and the co-chairman is Lachlan Murdock, sons of media mogul Rupert Murdock. They expanded their control over the network after former chief Roger Ailes resigned over his own sexual harassment scandal.

Fox News has been fighting a plethora of sexual harassment lawsuits and a recent filing alleging racial harassment and discrimination from former and current network employees.

The sources said Shine made the request because of withering press coverage of Fox News in recent weeks. A source added that Shine has privately complained that Rupert “isn’t fighting for him” in the press, which is why he wanted explicit support from the sons.

The New York Magazine first reported other rumors from Fox News that later turned out to be true, and this adds heft to the current reporting.

Through a Fox News spokesperson, Shine denied personally going to James and Lachlan for a statement. A Murdoch spokesperson said Shine did not directly ask for a statement.

Shine had been Hannity's producer before making his way up through the executive ranks of the network. He made a cryptic accusation about the machinations at the network, which sparked much speculation about his meaning.

He followed up with a tweet of a hashtag "I stand with Bill," and then another reading, "I stand with Shine."

Hannity has been using his platform on his cable news show to blast accusations from a former guest who said he invited her to his hotel and then banned her from his show when she refused. This comes just one week after Bill O'Reilly resigned over sexual harassment allegations, and while "The Five" co-host Jesse Watters is criticized for an apparent sexual remark about Ivanka Trump.

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