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You'll love college's 'sanctions' for left-wing students after violent protest injured professor

Middlebury College students protest conservative speaker Charles Murray on March 2. A Middlebury professor was also injured as she and her party were leaving the area. The school handed down "sanctions" against participating students Wednesday. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

You'll no doubt recall the left-wing student protest at Vermont's Middlebury College in March that resulted not only in a conservative speaker's talk being shut down but also in an injury to a liberal professor who took part in the event and was attacked by "thugs."

The fact that Charles Murray, author of "The Bell Curve," was drowned out by students calling him "racist, sexist" and "anti-gay" was quite minor compared to the literal beating Allison Stanger — a Middlebury political science professor and a known Democrat — endured after trying to leave the area with Murray on March 2.

Stanger said on Facebook that a “thug grabbed me by the hair and another shoved me in a different direction. ... I feared for my life.” She later needed a trip to the emergency room and was diagnosed with a concussion.

Well, Middlebury announced "sanctions" Tuesday against students who participated in the protests after they were identified through video evidence and testimony — a whopping 67 students in all.

And their punishments?

The school said they ranged from "probation to official College discipline, which places a permanent record in the student’s file. Some graduate schools and employers require individuals to disclose official college discipline in their applications."

Having recovered from their smarting wrists, students likely heard news that Middlebury Police also concluded its investigation and found — nothing:

We are not anticipating any criminal charges to be filed at this time due to insufficient evidence against any specific individual.

The Police investigation did not identify any specific individual who hurt Allison Stanger as she and her party left McCullough Student Center on their way to a car that was to transport them from the venue.

The police investigation established that as many as eight (8) masked individuals were present using tactics that indicated training in obstruction and intimidation. A number of individuals who were in this crowd of more than 20 people outside the event venue were identified, many of whom were not members of the college community. However, on consultation with the Addison County State’s Attorney it was determined that there was insufficient information to charge any specific person who participated in damaging the car or interfering with or blocking the car’s progress as it exited the parking lot.

Oh, those crazy kids. Here's another look at 'em. (Content warning: Rough language, from mouths and on signs):

(H/T: Heat Street)

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