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Self-proclaimed preschool teacher in leftist antifa garb rips riot police with profanity-laced rant

A self-proclaimed preschool teacher, wearing black antifa garb, ripped into riot police in Portland, Oregon, on Sunday with a profanity-laced rant. (Image source: Twitter video screenshot)

A woman wearing black antifa garb — and describing herself as a preschool teacher — was caught on video issuing a profanity-laced tirade against Portland, Oregon, riot police amid a free-speech demonstration Sunday supporting Republican President Donald Trump.

“You put on the badge, you have a responsibility … to a higher standard. I pay my taxes, I pay your paycheck,” the woman was heard saying in the clip as she stood in front of lined-up cops. “I need you to serve and protect me. I feel scared. You can’t seek and destroy me."

Noting that "today I’m wearing all black,” she said that "normally I’m a single-mom preschool teacher, and I don’t need to feel scared. I don’t need this ... I teach black kids and white kids … why do I have to teach my black kids not to play with guns? … You come into my classroom and the black kids are scared as s**t!”

“Why? Why is that? That’s not f***ing cool!” the woman continued. “That’s not okay! And I have to sit there and deal with that every day!"

Observing the officers' riot gear, she said that "you’re dressed up like I’m the f***in' enemy, and I'm the f***in' good guy here, and you guys are scaring us. I’m the f***in' one paying your paycheck, so go home at night and think about the responsibility that you hold. 'Cause if one of you f***s up, you all should take accountability for that. Just like one of us ... if one of us throws something bad, I’m gonna say ... 'That was f***ed up' ... That’s the way you guys should f***in' operate.”

Prophetic words, indeed.

Portland police used flash-bang grenades and pepper balls to disperse antifas — gathered to protest Trump supporters — because cops said the antifas were throwing bricks and other objects at police, The Associated Press reported. The outlet said that 14 people were arrested and several dozen knives, bricks, sticks and other weapons were seized.

Here's the clip of the the self-proclaimed preschool teacher's potty-mouthed rant. It would appear that school's indeed out for summer. (Content warning: Rough language):

(H/T: EAGNews)

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