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Kim Kardashian excoriated by Twitter for wearing 'blackface' in new makeup ad

Image source: TheBlaze

Social media users went after Kim Kardashian on Tuesday for allegedly appearing in blackface in order to promote her beauty line, KKW Beauty.

The ad, which was released earlier this week, features Kardashian looking tanner than usual, but instead of it being celebrity business as usual, Twitter excoriated Kardashian and her brand for wearing what many interpreted to be "blackface."

“Black women get told to lighten," one Twitter user wrote. "Meanwhile, Kim spends her entire career in perpetual Black face and is lauded for her beauty.”

Another added, “I love Kim but that’s def black face in the form of makeup she is nowhere near that dark.”

Kardashian can be seen in the photo wearing heavily contoured makeup, and her face and body look to be airbrushed several shades darker than her natural olive tone.

Twitter users were relentless in their take down of Kardashian for the alleged offense:

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