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Keith Olbermann's most unhinged liberal rant yet: better Trump 'self-destructs' than US

Image source: TheBlaze

Keith Olbermann torched President Donald Trump's presidency in yet another video for GQ's "The Resistance" on Monday night, saying that it was the left's job to help the president "self-destruct."

"The President of the United States is self-destructing," Olbermann began his 6-plus minute video. "We need to give him all the help we can in his task.

"Ordinarily, the last thing anyone in America would want is a leader bent on destroying himself and ending his presidency," he continued. "But the threat to our freedoms, our heritage, our way of life — our lives themselves — is so overwhelming and unprecedented that putting aside the almost immeasurable anger and resentment that this childish, selfish, petulant man engenders."

Olbermann added, "It is still with genuine sadness that we must look at his self-destruction and say it simply, and resolutely: Better him than our country."

Olbermann went on to indicate that reports of Trump complaining "nonstop" about his administration and the controversy surrounding it are taking its toll on the president.

“The country will have to hope for the best and let him jump,” Olbermann said.

"Resist," he signed off. "Peace."

See Olbermann's full comments below.

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