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Watch what Trump does when Marine's hat is blown off by the wind — it's the epitome of presidential

President Donald Trump twice retrieves a Marine's uniform dress hat that had been blown off by the wind. (Image source: YouTube)

Before boarding Marine One at Joint Base Andrews base late Saturday, President Donald Trump stopped twice to retrieve a Marine's uniform dress hat that had been blown away by the wind.

The retrieval came as Trump arrived at Joint Base Andrews after an overseas trip that included stops in Warsaw, Poland, and Hamburg, Germany, for the G20 Summit.

Video shows that as Trump was walking to Marine One, he bent over to pick up the dress hat of a Marine who stood at attention awaiting him to board the presidential helicopter. The hat had been blown off the Marine's head by the wind.

After retrieving the hat, Trump placed it back on the Marine's head and patted him several times on the shoulder. But the strong wind proved too much for the hat, and it was immediately blown off just as quickly as Trump had replaced it.

Once it blew off the second time, Trump ran to retrieve it before handing it to his Air Force escort who gave it back to the Marine.

Despite the incident, the Marine did not lose his poise and was able to remain at attention the entire time.

The Marines that fly, operate, maintain and secure the presidential helicopter known as "Marine One" when the president is onboard is a group of about 800 Marines known as Marine Helicopter squadron 1, or HMX-1.

While at the G20 Summit, Trump and American diplomats attended meetings with the leaders of 20 other major world countries to discuss economic issues, climate policy, terrorism, among other topics. There, Trump notably met with Russian President Vladimir Putin face-to-face for the first time since winning election last November.

The meeting between Trump and Putin was noteworthy because of allegations that Russia interfered in last year's presidential election, something Putin denied to Trump's face.

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