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Comedian Chelsea Handler pushes debunked 'sexist' story, gets instantly torched

Comedian Chelsea Handler was excoriated on social media for misleading her fans about the dress code at the Speaker's Lobby in Congress. (Image Source:YouTube screenshot)

Liberal comedian Chelsea Handler decided she would push a thoroughly debunked story supposedly showcasing sexism in politics, and Twitter did not let her get away with it.

"Paul Ryan enforcing dress code in Speaker’s Lobby in the U.S. Capitol that bans women from showing their shoulders," she tweeted Monday. "Welcome to Abu Dhabi."

Except her attempt at humor contained an error that had been discredited for days.

The narrative that House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) was imposing draconian standards of puritanical wardrobe on women had become a social media cause the week previous to Handler's tweet.

But, while many decried it as backward and sexist, others noted that the rules in the Speaker's Lobby were just as restrictive to men, and had nothing to do with Ryan's tenure as speaker. Men are required to wear a tie and a jacket in the Speaker's Lobby, as many attested to.

Handler's tweet blamed Speaker Ryan for the rules, implying that the standards were invented by Republicans. She was excoriated for her misleading accusation on social media.

Handler was criticized when she joked that she wouldn't interview first lady Melania Trump because she "can barely speak English."

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