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NYPD officer slams Hollywood and BLM over silence on slain officer and mother

An NYPD officer, fellow of the recently murdered female officer Miosotis Familia, calls out Black Lives Matter and Hollywood celebrities for their silence over the murder of those who put their lives on the line to protect them. (Image source: @TrumpTrain45Pac Twitter video screenshot)

A video of a New York Police Department officer calling out Hollywood celebrities and Black Lives Matter over their silence about the murder of police Officer Miosotis Familia is going viral.

Last Wednesday, Familia, 48, was sitting in an RV-style police command post at E. 183rd St. around 12:30 a.m when ex-convict, 34-year-old Alexander Bonds, approached her unit from the passenger side window, and shot her in the head.  Police identified, and later found Bonds several blocks away, fatally shooting him after he brandished a revolver at them.

On Sunday, an unidentified NYPD officer voiced his frustration with the lack of sympathy, and total silence from high-profile celebrities and activist groups such as Black Lives Matter over the murder of Familia, a black, female mother.

Sitting in his patrol car, the officer asks why "low-life scum" gets praise and sympathy, while people who give their lives to protect them aren't given the love and and respect they deserve.

"The one thing I want to know is, where the hell are all the celebrities now? Where's all the sports teams wearing NYPD stuff? Where's the 'hands up, don't shoot' people? Where are you right now?" asked the unnamed officer. "Why is it every thug, every career criminal, every piece of garbage low-life scum of the earth gets the attention when they're shot and killed for breaking the law, for threatening others, for victimizing people?"

"We have a NYC police officer mother of three out there, sitting in a gang-infested precinct, sitting there in a high-visibility post to deter crime, and this coward walks up and shoots her in the head. That's a victim," he continued. "That's a mother of three children; she went to work and didn't come home. Where the f*** are you now? Where are the celebrities now? I don't hear you; I don't see you. And believe me, society sees that."

"Do the right thing," he said. "Support your police."

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