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Steve Bannon had a bizarre reaction to Trump's new communications director

Steve Bannon, assistant to the President and White House chief strategist, had a bizarre reaction when he heard that Anthony Scaramucci was being floated as the new communications director for the White House. And then Scaramucci got the job. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Top Trump aide Steve Bannon had a bizarre reaction to Wall Street entrepreneur Anthony Scaramucci being floated as the new communications director for the White House, according to a report Friday from NBC reporter Katy Tur.

Bannon said to Scaramucci, "over my dead body will you get this job," according to Tur, who said two sources confirmed it to her and fellow NBC reporter Stephanie Ruhle.

Scaramucci was hired Friday as the new communications director despite Bannon's reported protestations.

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer resigned over the hiring Friday, which cleared the way for Sarah Huckabee Sanders to assume the position Friday.

"I just confirmed with someone inside the White House this morning," Ruhle said on MSNBC, "Steve Bannon, and remember this press office has basically been run by the Reince Priebus-Steve Bannon side of the world, said to Anthony Scaramucci, to his face, 'over my dead body will you get this job.'"

"Well, here we are three hours [later], and I'm pretty sure there are no ambulances outside the White House with any dead bodies but Anthony Scaramucci will be joining this administration," Ruhle concluded.

Jon Karl of ABC News said he tried to get a comment from White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus about the hiring of Scaramucci, and Priebus slammed a door in his face.

Scaramucci, 53, spoke to the media during the White House press briefing Friday, and said he was confident the president would be able to get Congress to pass a health care bill and tax reform.

"So here's one problem with the way our society is working," Scaramucci said. "Right now, we are micromanaging the seconds of the news cycle. I predict that the president will get a win in health care. That's my honest prediction just because I've seen him in operation over the last 20-plus years."

"The president has really good Karma and the world turns back to him," he added.

"He's a genuinely wonderful human being and I think as the members of Congress get to know him better and get comfortable with him they're going to let him lead them to the right things for the American people, so I think we're going to get the health care done."

"I also think we're going to get tax reform done. And whatever else is on the president's agenda, we're going to work very very hard very studiously to make it happen."

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